Senior Manager, Supply Chain Management Documentation and Courseware
Oracle Corporation

“Richard, is an experienced and well organized Manager to work with. He imparts his knowledge through his guidance. He is a great manager with multitasking skills. He is an expert in various forms of writing ranging from Military to Bio Chemical industry. I have learnt many tricks of technical writing under him. It was pleasure to be part of his team.”
Harry Anthony, Senior Technical Writer, Oracle Corporation
(Reported to Richard at Oracle Corporation)

“Rich is a very detail-oriented person with a deep understanding of manufacturing principles. He was a great asset on a number of projects that required in-depth documentation on complicated subjects. His constant attention to the fine-points of the material resulted in documentation that was of very high quality. His high energy and outgoing personality make him as asset to any team.”
Leslie Hershey, Senior Product Manager, Oracle Corporation
(Worked with Richard D. at Oracle Corporation)

“A plethora of talent has a vast experience and is a storehouse of information on almost anything! His knowledge is not confined to technical writing and ranges in the fields of chemistry, clinical biochemistry, marketing, advertising, software concepts, and programming. He is an excellent technical writer with the right combination of industry knowledge and writing ability. He has inexhaustible energy and enthusiasm for his work and is the best mentor one can ever have. I have learnt a lot from him and look up to him for professional guidance.”
Madhavi Agarwal, Senior Technical Writer, Oracle Corporation
(Reported to Richard at Oracle Corporation)

“It has been a pleasure to work with Rich Persen on projects at Oracle Corporation. Rich has a wonderful balance of subject matter knowledge, writing ability, and interpersonal skills. I have been especially impressed by his scope, ranging from detailed knowledge of chemistry, to a precise knowledge of language, to broad conceptual issues of ergonomics and documentation architecture.”
Paul Dong, Product Manager, Oracle Corporation
(Worked directly with Richard at Oracle Corporation)

Technical Documentation Manager
GretagMacbeth LLC

“Rich’s technical skills, broad knowledge base, and leadership qualities across a spectrum of disciplines were evident from the first time I started working with Rich 13 years ago. He has the innate ability to help people realize their potential which turns any process, project, or product into a success. His mentoring skills are a rare find in todays’ industries. This along with his superb planning and out-of-the-box thinking make Rich an asset to everyone and any company.”
John E. Stranzl Jr., Principal Software Engineer, GretagMacbeth, LLC
(Gretag Macbeth/X-Rite)
(Worked directly with Richard at GretagMacbeth LLC)

“I recommend Rich as much for his superb writing talent, as for his leadership ability. He understands and appreciates the details of technical writing while applying the latest technologies that deliver an excellent product and bottom line results.”
Joan Damico, Assistant Product Marketing Manager, GretagMacbeth
(Worked with Richard at GretagMacbeth LLC)

Account Executive
Stuart Williams Associates
“Richard was an account executive and copywriter with the ad agency I was using for the launch of a new product. His knowledge of clinical laboratory science, and his writing ability were key in producing award winning collateral material. His attention to detail, and keen sense of the structure of the written language, were invaluable to our efforts. The best copy writer with whom I have ever had the pleasure of working.”
Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, High Integrity
Walter Brandes, Product Manager
(Hired Richard as Advertising Executive for Becton Dickinson Automated Immunochemistry